Chi Chi

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Chi Chi is now at her new furever home in Springboro.
She is now a happy member of the Stidham family and will be living in Springboro. Not sure who was the happiest - Chi Chi or the Stidham's? Lots of hugging and a huge fenced in yard to roam in - with what looked like dozens of cardinals!

** Updates 02/25/12**
Talking to Chi Chi's Momma and they love her so much... it's amazing how lucky some of our adopted dogs are! Chi Chi is just perfect and fitting it so well.... they love her so much and can't imagine life without her.
Pat (Momma) wanted to pass on a thank you to all PPR volunteers... especially those that foster. Pat said there is a place in heaven for us.

** Updates 04/13/12**
We were thinking about you today and wanted to let you know we took Chi-Chi on vacation. The three of us were gone for the last 12 days, visiting friends and family in SC, FL and TN. We were a little bit apprehensive since she hadn't been with us very long. We took her bed so she had it everywhere to sleep in, and use it in the car as well. We were amazed, she absolutely bloomed. She seemed so much more lively and had so much fun. Of course everyone was crazy about her. Two girlfriends and I took her in her stroller downtown Del Ray Beach, the fancy district with lots of outside restaurants. People were falling off their seats looking and some were even taking pictures. I didn't get to push her because the girls both took over the stroller. She got to play with lots of other dogs and little children which she seemed to love. Today we are having to give her lots of loving and playing since coming home seemed to be a let down. She wants to know when we are going again!
We think about you so often and how special you and your wife are. Can't thank you enough for what you do and especially for bringing Chi-Chi to us. Everyone says how fortunate we are to have gotten such a fabulous girl. We had her groomed and cut all her beautiful hair off down to the fur coat because we were afraid she would get too hot in FL. She looks sort of like a baby now. She is very beautiful!

** Updates 05/13/12**
It's Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day Mommy Linda. I love you as much as you love me, and that's a LOT! I think of you often. Thank you for inviting me to the party. I had such a good time. Everyone was petting me, and especially you and Daddy Russ.
I wanted you to know that I have decided to become an athlete. One day I jumped out of that little princess stroller and never looked back! Now I race through the yard all day. You know I have beautiful strong muscles in my thighs and they can move me really fast. It's hard to keep up with me!
Yesterday I helped Mommy Pat plant flowers. Every hole she dug, I stuck my head in to check if it was ok, then I would lay down on top of it. Mommy said if she didn't love me so much, she would love me so much! What did that mean?
I am asking Daddy Ken for my own puppy. However, so far he says no. But, I'm still hoping one day he will give in. My Daddy is a softie.
Love to you and Daddy Russ.
Chi Chi

** Updates 02/24/13**
To my Mommy Linda and Daddy Russ,
Daddy Russ, today is the day you were really brave and gave me to the Stidhams. I think about you a lot. I will always love you both for taking care of me and finding me such a good home.
I am the Queen here. I'm stuck to my Daddy just like that first day. I'm a Daddy's Girl. He holds and pets me and I feel so happy. I got my teeth cleaned last week. I did really well. The old DR said I have gained too much weight this year but summer is coming and I will be running in my yard a lot. Mommy is trying to give me a little less dinner.
Daddy walks me down the street twice a day. It's quiet here so I don't have to wear a lead. He stays really close to me. Yesterday I chased a bird in the back yard. I can run like the wind.
Kisses to you both, Chi Chi