Chewy Adopted 1

I am pleased to tell you that our boy Chewy, who has been with us for over a year, is now with his new daddy, Mr. Hoskins, in Fairborn. His human sister lives just 3 houses down and will visit daily.
Chewy's new home is ideal for him.   He's the only pup,  no children or cats.  He has a large fenced in back yard, treats and most of all, a person to sleep in bed with everyday.
They are well aware of Chewy's personality and will be working with that on an ongoing basis.

Chewy Adopted 2

** Updates 9/22/14**
Just thought I'd pass along a happy update about Chewy. We had him over a year and he didn't have the sweetest personality. Great home now.

Just an update on Chewy. He is a totally different dog. He never growls anymore and is such a pleasure! I thought I'd give you an update because we are so fortunate to have him in our lives.
Thanks Russ!