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Chester has decided he wants to live FUREVER in his loving foster home! More on this exciting happy tail to come!

Chester1235 Adopted 14

** Updates 1/9/13**
Now that I've failed on fostering Chester, you all will be punished by endless pictures of him!!!! His new harness arrived today - Nathan sent me a picture of it on him.

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** Updates 1/31/13**
Chester's Superman pajamas arrived today!

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Chester1235 Adopted 16

It's a bird! No!!! It's a plane!!! No!! It's Super Chester!!!

** Updates 3/31/13**
Chester had an Easter egg hunt with his two fur-siblings!

Chester 12

Chester 11

Chester 13

Happy Easter!

** Updates 5/1/13**
Can you tell how much weight I've lost?

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Chester1235 Adopted7

Lookin' good!

** Updates 5/16/13**
More Chester love. . .

Chester1235 Adopted 8

My new bone is too much fun to share, even if I'm sleeping!

** Updates 6/30/13**
Here is Chester. . . hard at work, manning the PPR display table outside the Beavercreek Community Theatre's production of Legally Blonde. He looks very professional!

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Chester1235 Adopted 10

** Updates 1/22/14**

Chester1235 Adopted 17

Chester??!! Did I hear someone say Chester??!!

** Updates 3/31/14**
So this morning while I was getting ready for work I glanced across by bed and realized how lucky I am to have a husband that loves our dogs as much as I do..... Below is proof... Nathan is the zig zag pattern in the middle of the bed. Nellie the shepherd is at the top with her butt in his face and Chester is at the bottom between his legs. Ace who is solid black is laying against Nathan's back but you can't see him. All three of the dogs are touching him. I'm a lucky girl!!

Chester1235 Adopted 18

** Updates 4/20/14**

Happy Easter from our house to yours!! Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day!

Chester 20

Chester 21

Chester 22

** Updates 7/4/15**
Happy 4th of July!!
Chester (and Jamie)

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