Charla Adopted 1

Here is Charla with her new family Sam and Brittany Pepper. She is living in Washington Courthouse with the newlywed couple and they just adore her. She will be much loved and spoiled being the one and only dog in the house.
On her first day with her new family Charla got to take her first trip to the pet store to pick out her new bed and dishes, collar and leash.
she is now TRULY a part of a family. Charla couldn't have found a better home, she will be happy for many years to come.

Charla Adopted 2

* Update 03/27/09 *

She is doing wonderful! :) We love her so much! Beside being cute, she is such a good dog.
She has not had any accidents :) She does like to sleep a lot. We see more of her personality every day. She is very much a cuddler. Something that is funny, she gets very jealous of my laptop. She could be sound asleep, but if she sees me or hears me getting it out, she lays on my lap - or on the computer. No matter how many times I take her off, she cant stand to have the computer on my lap instead of her.
We ended up getting her a kennel instead of a baby gate (we figured if that is what she is used to we should keep her on that). She does very well with it.
Another funny thing that we have noticed is that she does not like to eat on tile. She always puts some food in her mouth, carries it over to the carpet and then eats it - very funny to watch. Sometimes Ill just move her bowl onto the carpet, but she still places the actual food on the carpet and eats from there.
She has only gotten out once, but Sam got her right away - you say her name and she turns over on her belly. Oh, also we changed her name, we call her Ada, and she answers very well to it.
She is definitely a wonderful addition to our family.