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Chance has been happily adopted to his new forever home with Jan Donihoo of Miamisburg, Ohio. He will certainly be one spoiled and very loved little boy! Thanks to Jan for opening her heart and home to another rescue dog in need of a second "Chance"! And... many thanks to PPR's Laura for letting Jan know about Chance - it was a real group effort.

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Many updates to come! Tami

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** Updates 11/14/11 **
Tami, I can't believe that it's been over a month since I adopted Chance! We've developed a routine and have determined who is "Alpha" when.
We throw the toy for at least an hour each evening and some evenings we spend another hour with belly-rubs and head scratches. Not sure what goes on at his kennel when I'm gone, but both Dr. L and the kennel staff constantly talk about what fun he is! I believe they have even provided him with a squeaky snowman to play with. Toys are something that we are going through VERY quickly. Up to this weekend, I've been replacing a toy a week! We're trying the "Indestructible" toy line this week to see if they live up to their word. Besides catching a thrown toy, Chance loves to get the toy and shake it really hard - he keeps hitting himself to the point that I worry about him hurting himself.
Another activity that we enjoy is our walks - at least four a day. Chance is a runner and a tugger! But he stops on call and turns to concrete if I should "drop" his leash. He checks to be sure that I'm coming and waits for me to pick up the handle.
This little guy is SO well trained and it is obvious that he was very loved in his other life. I often wonder if there is someone out there that is heartbroken that he has left their life. To say that he makes me smile is an understatement. He brings me such joy and is affecting my friends, family and neighbors the same.
I am so blessed that you, Laura and Puppy Pals brought Chance into my life. It will never be the same.
Here are a few pics. Couldn't get him to be still for long as you can see! Jan Donihoo

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** Updates 01/06/12**
Just and update on Chance....
Jan (his new momma) & Chance stopped by today for a visit... it has been 3 months that she since she adopted Chance. Jan is so happy with Chance and he is certainly very happy with her and is one spoiled gorgeous little boy! It was great to see them both! Jan and Chance will stop by again on the 6 months anniversary.
Jan extents her deepest THANKS to the whole group at Puppy Pals Rescue for all the good work we do!
Thanks & have a great weekend ~ Tami

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** Updates 10/01/12**
Chance is a WINNER!!!

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Here we are approaching the first Birthday of Chance rescuing me and my home and we experienced another "first". Stephanie Karnosh (her family had adopted Ace (RIP)) asked to borrow Chance last Saturday for a dog walk to support a fund raiser for Gem City Ballet. When she came by for instructions and guidance on attaching his harness if I wasn't home, she mentioned that she thought there might be a costume contest. I located Pepper's "old" tuxedo and sent that with her for the walk. Turns out that the judge of the nineteen dogs is an octogenarian ballet instructor who took one look at Chance and dubbed him "Fred Astaire"!! You got it - they took FIRST PLACE!!!

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Sure makes a Mom proud and I thought that since you were so important in his sharing my life you should know and see "your" Chancie!!
Jan Donihoo

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** Updates 01/22/14**

Chance1178 Adopted 15

Hi all, I just received this card in the mail today from one of my families whom adopted one of my foster dogs, Chance. (I named him that cuz he got a 2nd chance at a wonderful forever life.)
She sends a note saying “I think of you often and I wouldn’t have my little guy if it wasn’t for you fostering and Puppy Pals rescuing him, so thank you very much.”
Just thought I would share that with all of you... Thanks for all the good work EVERYONE does to save these little furry kids.
Have a good day, Tami