Cassy Adopted 1

Hey All,
I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that our Sweet Cassy has found her new furever home. Yes, I also Flunked Fostering 101... Cassy wiggled her way into our hearts and our home. She is just such a sweet heart and makes a perfect fit into our Barlow family.
We will give her the best home we can for the rest of her doggie dog life (I only wish I had it so good!). So again, thanks to everyone who's thoughts and wishes were with her through her tough time.
Let's hope all that Cassy remembers is the beginning of this wonderful & spoiled life she will have with the Barlows.
Puppy Hugs & Kisses,
Tami, Tom, Alex, Brody,
Rocco, Gizzy Girl, Cupcake & now
Cassy Barlow!
** Update 02/09/09 **

Cassy Adopted 2

Hi, Cassy here, just an update to let you know how well I am doing with my new family.
I just love it here, I have a nice warm home, with plenty of food and love to go around for me and all of my fur-friends.
Besides eating and getting lots of love and attention, I love to chill out with my fur brothers, as you can see in the picture... That is me on the far right, with my fur brother Rocco in the back and our fur brother foster Toby to the left.
We all just love to lay around and chill after we get our bellies full of some good food. What a life!!