Caesar was adopted by Kevin and Michelle Faus and their 2 children- Celeste and Jon- of Lebanon, Ohio. He has a kitty sibling, named Noel, that he is already VERY interested in getting to know- LOL! I know Caesar will love exploring the large fenced-in backyard and getting lots of attention. The Faus family had been grieving the loss of their little Maltipoo, but decided it was now time to bring another doggie family member into their home. The well thought out decision that they were ready to adopt also coincided with both children's birthdays...! They promise to send family pictures! :)

** Update 9/4/11 **

Hi Lauren, we are doing great! Thanks so much :) Caesar and I stayed home from church together this am and Kevin took the kids. He has been a sweetheart...laying on all laps! :) Noel is still not a fan, but is no longer hissing. LOL!

** Update 9/6/11 **

Hi Lauren, Hope you are doing well!
Attached is a pic of the family. Caesar is doing GREAT!! He and Noel are even becoming more friendly. He is eating well, going outside pretty well, and he and Jon are VERY bonded and he even has a little friend a few doors up (Jon’s friend has a Malti-poo), and they love to play together!! It is cute!

Caesar1152 Adopted 1

Caesar seems to warm up to women easier than men. He is timid around Kevin in comparison to Celeste and I, and was stand-offish to my Dad but loves Grandma! I am certain this will get better. Kev is very gentle and is a true animal lover.
We hope you enjoyed the Holiday weekend! We had a nice relaxing day here! Warm Regards, Michelle
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