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Buttons left today (August 21, 2013) for his new home in Appalachia, Virginia. His new momma, Sandy D. and daddy, Bobby, are very excited for him to come and be part of their family.
He will be living in a beautiful home on the top of a mountain and will have 22 acres (some fenced for dogs) to explore.
Buttons will have a furry brother, Spider-man, who is a Shih-Tzu that also came to them as a rescue.
Sandy is an active member of a local rescue and said it's very seldom that they get any small dogs.

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** Updates 09/01/13**
I just wanted you to know Buttons is doing wonderful! He has really fit in well. The only problem is that we have really spoiled him. He won't let me out of his sight. He doesn't like me staying in the laundry room so he grabs my pant legs and pulls me. He also sleeps between me and Bobby and snores. He got his first bath yesterday and did just fine. He has met all of our families and behaved himself with all the men. He really likes Bobby's sister, Nancy. He is also a really good rider in the car. I will be sending you some pictures this week. He and Spiderman are still becoming friends. Spider is trying to teach him how to play but he would rather play with me. Hope everything is well for both of you.
Regards, Sandy and Bobby

** Updates 09/03/13**
Some pics of my wild child. He is a great little boy. My vet is talking with a veterinarian eye specialist to see what can be done with his eye. Sandy

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** Updates 11/19/13**
Latest Buttons update. Talked to her on the phone and they're just lovin him to pieces. All's great. Here's the latest picture!

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Just wanted you to see this stressed out boy!

** Updates 03/05/14**
Just a line to let you know all is well here with the boys. He has really come a long way with the friendly, playful side. He has started to lay on his back beside me and lay his head on my chest. He is still enjoying the outdoors on our walks. I trimmed his mustache and he became very docile for a week or so. Bobby said I cut off his macho. Two photos attached!
Regards, Sandy

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