Butterscotch1104 Adopted 1

Butterscotch found her Furever home with Celeste.  The 2 now live in Fairborn along w/ Celeste's roommate. Butterscotch could not ask for a better home.  She is an only dog who is already spoiled with cute green dog bowls, a microfiber toy, and of course, toys.  Her new home has a porch that overlooks a duck pond and dog-friendly walking paths so she will have lots to look at.  I am sure she will really enjoy those walking paths too.   Its looks like a great way to make some fur-friends.   We wish you all the best in your new home Butterscotch.  You are one lucky pup!
** Updates 02/14/11 **
Hi Sarah! I just wanted to send a little update on Butterscotch. She's is AMAZING! She's taken to the apartment and LOVES getting to go on her daily walks. She's progressively gotten much more energetic and hasn't had a single accident since she's lived here! :) The medicine is really helping her kennel cough as well. I'm taking her to get her stitches out tomorrow. Everyone that's met her loves her. Her temperament is perfect! Thanks so much for all you did with her! Celeste