Buddy Adopted 


Here is a picture of Buddy's new family - Shaun & Marilyn Moore from Tipp City. They look forward to spoiling Mr. Buddy. He has a wonderful backyard to run and play and his own LazyBoy recliner.
Happy Valentine's Day to the Moore Family!
** Updates 11/10/10 **
I cannot tell you how happy my husband and I are with the little guy, Buddy, we adopted in Feb. of this year. He won our hearts on the very first encounter and the love has grown only stronger ever since. Somehow I think a rescued dog knows what you have done for him and is the best most loving companion you could ever imagine. Our dog Buddy ( we have renamed him Pippin) has fit right in as a member of the family since the first day. I cannot say enough about the rewards of pet adoption. If anyone feels any hesitation concerning adoption, I guarentee you will not regret it.