Brutus Adopted 5

I traveled to Hamilton, Ohio this evening and did a homevisit with Cindy Wallace and her daughter Danielle (called "D").

Brutus Adopted 1

We had a nice discussion and they showed me all the outfits like the Ohio State sweater & coat which he'll be sporting this fall/winter. Danielle just graduated from Ohio State with a Marketing/Real Estate degree so the name Brutus was a double-hit for her.

Brutus Adopted 2

As normal, as soon as we arrived he had to mark which was embarrassing... but, I think he got it out of his system. He seemed to fit in well there and just walked around and played like he had always been there.
I asked them what they thought before I went out to get my paperwork... they both said, are you kidding -- we love him!!

Brutus Adopted 3

I knew he was at the right place.
Linda K.

Brutus Adopted 4

** Update 05/04/09 **

Brutus Adopted 6

Hey Ladies:
Linda, it's me Brutus, how are you and all the little ones that have been rescued or need to be rescued. I'm sorry I won't be able to make the picnic because I'm going on a trip. I'm going to my Aunt Debbie's for the weekend, it's a family event. We do a lot with our family. I would like to see everyone. I'm getting the hang of traveling. At first I didn't like my special seat belt but I was told I had to wear it so I wouldn't get hurt. I especially like when I get to visit my friend Buckeye, he was a little scary at first. He's so big, He's a St. Bernard. He's very friendly and lets me lay on his back and we play together. His toys are so much bigger than mine and he shares with me. Oh, I have two other friends when I go there, they are Amos and Beasley, and they are Schnauzers. Beasley and I have a lot of fun together. Sometimes they are at Buckeye's house and sometimes they aren't. I really have a lot of fun.
I've been told I'm spoiled. Everyone keeps telling me how cute I am and they always want to pet me. I have a basket full of toys and when I get them out everyone plays with me. All I have to do is give them a sad look and I normally get what I want. I go on walks, I like them. I had to learn how to walk on a leash. I'm doing really well and I've been told the more I walk the better I do. I do get in a little trouble when someone walks by or another dog is outside. I just want to go out and play and isn't everyone coming by to see me. With the weather getting warmer we sit on the porch a lot. I'm getting better; I just have to work a little harder.
At night when it's time to relax I sit with my Mom and Grandma and curl up in their lap or snuggle with them. It makes me feel very safe. I have a very nice bed and on occasion I really turn the charm on and I get to sleep in the very big bed. I usually get my way.
I'm attaching a picture of me and mommy at Christmas. Grandma made this big deal out of taking our picture; I didn't get that whole thing. I did get a lot of toys from someone called Santa and the Easter Bunny. I don't understand everything but I can tell you that I'm loved a lot. Thank you Puppy Pals Rescue for giving me a great family to take care of me.
PS - If anyone can explain what "The Bucks" are please let me know. I have all this stuff that says Ohio State on it. During what they call football and basketball season I wear a jersey. These people get very excited about "The Bucks" Not sure I'll ever understand that one.
Tell everyone Hi and let them know I'm doing GREAT!