Dear Puppy Pals Rescue,

My husband and I adopted one of your dogs on July 31, 2007. Our new little love is Bridget Justine Von Maur Dorstewitz. She is a very adorable cockapoo, 15 months old. Bridget, as we call her, is a very laid back little girl, who loves lots of attention, tummy rubs, walks, and gives us so much pleasure. We seemed to bond to each other before the first day was out. Bridget follows me everywhere I go, from room to room. She makes herself comfortable in every room, either on the sofa, chairs, beds, or her own little beds. It's nice to be greeted with doggie kisses and cold noses in the mornings.

We do not crate her, when we are away. She stays in the bedroom and sleeps on our bed. She is pretty well house broken. Lately, she is barking at other dogs who pass, as we walk around the neighborhood, as if she wants to protect me.

Today, we took Bridget to her new Vet, who checked her over and found her to be in fine health, and confirmed what we already knew...she is a very sweet dog! We just love her to pieces.

Bridget went to the groomer a couple days ago, and had a great time with all the other dogs. The groomer said she was a sweetie pie!

Before adopting Bridget, we were in communication with both Linda and Mary Lou, who shared a lot of information about Bridget, and who brought her to Powell to visit us and check us out. We liked them all so much; we wanted to adopt Mary Lou and Linda too! What nice, compassionate friends and caregivers to these little furry friends!

Bridget came to us along with a nice basket of treats, toys, and attire. Bruce and I love her so much! We are teaching her to play with her toys and chew her bones. She is the perfect pet for us. We are doing our best to spoil her in a manner to which she shall become accustomed.

Thanks to Puppy Pals Rescue and hats off to all who take such loving care of these pets, until they can be adopted into a permanent family.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us since the adoption. See attached photos of our little princess.

Madeline and Bruce Dorstewitz



Bridget's first anniversary is coming up on July 31st. She is the dearest little dog! We love her so much!

Here are a couple of new pictures of Bridget just after she was coiffed at the groomer. Notice the cute bandana? I need some new ones, we are getting bored with the same few.


** Updated Picture 10/04/11**

Bridgette0701  Adopted 3

Bridget was our first rescue dog that was adopted by a wonderful family near Columbus. She is beautiful now. Not the story when we received her.

** Updated Pictures 12/03/11**

Bridgette0701  Adopted 1

Bridgette0701  Adopted 2

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