Brandon - now Toby!

Brandon1126 Adopted 1

I am happy to say that our little Brandon (I think his name is being changed to Toby) got adopted tonight by Betty Spencer of Vandalia, Ohio.  Betty is a wonderful lady, who will no doubt spoil and give Brandon lots of love. Brandon will be taking lots of trips to Georgia to visit Betty’s daughter, family, and grandsons.

Brandon1126 Adopted 2

Thank you Betty for giving Brandon/Toby such a wonderful new place to call home. He was certainly a joy to foster and will be missed, but my in-laws only live 1 mile from Brandon’s/Toby’s new home and Betty invited me to stop by anytime to visit!

** Updates 03/15/11 **
Hi Tami, Hope you made it home ok.  You are a wonderful person to take such good care of the rescue dogs. 
Toby made it through the night great. He slept on my bed. I got up about 4:30 for him to go out and he came in and went right back to bed until about 7:30. Then he was ready to eat. He a the dog food that I divided out on Monday night. I added a little Wheat Chex. He also ate some carrots.
Today we went to PetSmart and got dog food, some treats, a new harness, a retractable leash, shampoo, a new brush, a couple little balls to play with and a sweater (too little - have to take it back and exchange it). We visited my sister, her husband and granddaughter Alison (16 months). They had a ball together. She likes to lead him through the house. I think most of the time it was Toby leading Alison. He got along great with her and she loved him.
I think you are right that he will be spoiled. He is so loveable. Thanks for all you do for the rescue. Stop by any time you are in the area. Betty