Boo - now Brutus!!

Boo1203 Adopted 1

Boo’s has found his new forever home with great couple, Lori & Jared Osborn and his new furbrother Bucky... he will now be residing in Dayton, Ohio.

Boo1203 Adopted 2

I know that Boo and Bucky will be great furbrothers and that he will certainly be one spoiled little boy.. stay tuned for updates.

Boo1203 Adopted 3

Thanks, Tami

** Updates 02/02/12**
Everything has been going really well lately. The boys are learning to play together! They enjoy having their alone time with their toys, but also love playing in the house and going outside and running around the yard. Lori and I are so happy that we were able to get Bucky a furbrother! We feel that they will be best friends for life! Also, we already are able to leave them out in the house while we go to work and they have had no accidents!

** Updates 04/12/12**
Hi Tami,
Brutus is doing great! He and Bucky are definitely brothers! They love to play, and just hang out together. It seems like they have to do everything together now, it is super cute. Brutus definitely seems like he is at home with us, and we love him being here too!