Bessie Adopted 1

Another Christmas gift delivered..........Bessie (red sweater) has now joined Gracie (now named Daisy) to be a part of the Bob & Nancy Teal family in Reynoldsburg, OH. Bob and Nancy adopted Gracie back in September. Gracie and Bessie came into our rescue together from a hoarding/former breeder situation in Morgan County. Both dogs were in terrible shape and Bessie needed much more rehabilitation.
With the love and care from Marlene & Chris, Bessie came through all her difficulties and is now a beautiful Bichon that will certainly be spoiled and treated like a queen, just as Gracie has been. It was very touching today to see them reunite and to watch as they began to play just as they did when they first came to PPR.
I was blessed to have had the pleasure of bringing this pair of dogs into PPR and more blessed to be able to watch them be reunited after many weeks of being apart. I know Bob & Nancy will give them the guidance and love they both deserve and will continue to help them become the wonderful dogs they want to be.