Bert has been adopted by his loving foster home!

Bert Adopted 1

Bert Adopted 2

** Updates 03/03/10**

Bert Adopted 31

Bert Adopted 32

Bert and foster-sister Pixie send a smile or two!

** Updates 03/10/10**
Hi all,
Just wanted to share a picture of Bert and his sister Mert! Too cute!

Bert Adopted 29

Bert Adopted 30

** Updates 03/12/10**
Happy Friday afternoon,
Bert is sending you his Friday smile for the day! He got a bath and a little grooming today, and is modeling his new Blue Easter Sweater!!
Yes, he is one spoiled puppy!
Have a great weekend.

Bert Adopted 28

** Updates 03/12/10**
Bert did good yesterday on his neutering. He is up to 3.5lbs now. He received plenty of love and care and carried around like a little baby at Miami Valley - although I was told he is not a good patient, which I knew. He does not like to be messed with when it comes to touching him for grooming, nails or shots. . . his little body just hurts so bad that anything that touches him other than your hand hurts and he screams like a little baby - way sad.
His x-rays showed a lot of problems he is going to have. Heart is enlarged and arthritis in all his joints and spine. He does have all his vertebras, but his spine from his neck goes straight and then goes down and then back up, kind of looks like a dinosaurs back. Poor little guy is going to have many problems. His ribs are getting calcium so his breathing is very shallow.
Not a very good report, but it could have been worse. So all in all, really not more than I expected.
He had 6 teeth pulled. They also took some blood and are going to do a Thyroid test on him and see if he needs medication that might help prolong his life span. . . it really is a guessing game as to how long they think he will live, but for right now he is doing great and is acting like little old Bert. We will just take one day at a time and make sure that he is not in any pain that can not be controlled. They did let me pick him up late yesterday so he would rest better at home. As Dr. Watts says. . . “He is one special little dog!”
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for little Bert. He is so lucky to have SO many people love and care about him! Thanks, Tami

** Updates 06/18/10**
Good Friday morning all,
Here is your Friday smile for the day! Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Bert and his LITTLE sister Gert (what a sweetie). . . yes, I said little sister. Gertie is staying the weekend here at the Barlow's. I am sure her and Bert will have a great time playing like in the old days when they were just little puppies!
Have a great Friday! Tami

Bert Adopted 26

Bert Adopted 27

** Updates 09/17/10**
Here is my newest foster dog. . . Roxy! How cute is she....
Look at her and Bert all snuggled together. . . I think Bertie has found himself a girlfriend (really I just think she is cold and trying to stay warm -sorry Bert! LOL.)
Have a great Friday. Tami

Bert Adopted 25

** Updates 10/12/10**
Here is your Tuesday smile for the day. . .
How cute is this - they(Bert, foster-sister Roxy and fur-sister Fluffy) were all snuggled together in one of PPR's Puff Beds. It was way too cute to not to take a picture!
Hope you enjoy! Have a great day! Tami

Bert Adopted 24

** Updates 06/01/11**

Bert Adopted 23

Bert - in all his "adorableness"!

** Updates 08/02/11**
Here is the smile for the day! Miss Sidney (our new foster - the black dog) had curled up in between Bert and Toby on their puff bed. That was a first since she has been here. . . way too cute!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 20

Bert Adopted 21

Bert Adopted 22

** Updates 09/01/11 **

Bert Adopted 4

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Bert in his birthday hat... he will be turning 2 on Monday 9/5/11, which is a true blessing, because we were not sure he would make it past 1. Hope you enjoy ~ I have to admit he did not like his hat, but we sure got a giggle out of him!

Bert Adopted 5

** Updates 10/12/11 **
Here are some favorite pictures of Bert, submitted for a national calendar photo contest. No matter what, we think he's a BIG little winner!

Bert Adopted 17

Bert Adopted 18

Bert Adopted 19

** Updates 01/11/12 **

Bert Adopted 16

Bert and fur-sister Fluffy - too cute!

** Updates 07/14/12 **

Bert calls "Mama"

** Updates 07/24/12 **
Here are a couple of pictures of Bert and his little sister Mert. Mert is the bigger one!
Hope you enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 6

Bert Adopted 7

** Updates 09/05/12 **
Hi all! I just wanted to give you a Wednesday smile for the day!
Today is Bert(and his sister’s Mert & Gert’s)3rd birthday!
I hope you enjoy! He sure does hate the party hat, but I can’t help but smile every time I put it on him!
Thanks again to Marylou and Laura for helping me whelp this litter of puppies 3 years ago - it was such a GREAT experience!!

Bert Adopted 8

** Updates 09/27/12 **
This is what we ALL should be doing on a rainy day!!
Hope Bert makes you smile on this gloomy, rainy day!!!
Have a good one! Tami

Bert Adopted 9

** Updates 10/17/12 **

Bert Adopted 10

Little Bert’s a BIG BAD PIRATE for Halloween!
Hope he makes you smile! Tami

** Updates 12/03/12 **
Here is your Monday smile for the day!
Bert with his "ladies" (fosters Tia & Topanga)
Have a good day! Tami

Bert Adopted 11

** Updates 02/22/13 **
Here is your Friday smile for the day!
It's been a "RUFF" Friday for the gang (Bert, Toby and foster pup Taz)... lol!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 12

Bert Adopted 14

** Updates 05/21/13 **
I went upstairs and this is what I saw:)! WAY Too sweet... it is a RUFF life here at the Barlow's... it is morning nap time!
Toby, Bert, and Fluffy!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 15

** Updates 09/05/13 **

Bert Adopted 33

Happy 4th Birthday Little Bert!!
Momma loves you!
Hope you all enjoy the Thursday smile! :) Will have more to follow later tonight... with Bert, Mert and Gert!

** Updates 09/05/13 - later! **
Here are a couple of pictures of the 3 birthday pups.. Bert, Mert and Gert.... It was so much fun seeing the 3 of them together for their birthday! Thanks Bob and Nancy for letting us stop by and visit.. always a pleasure!

Bert Adopted 34

Bert Adopted 35

Bert Adopted 36

Bert Adopted 37

Bert Adopted 38

Bert Adopted 39

** Updates 10/06/13 **
Bert and Mert enjoying some sibling time all snuggled together on this rainy Sunday. Have a great week! :)

Bert Adopted 40

** Updates 10/11/13 **
And of course what would a Friday be without a picture of Bert, showing off his new Butler Basketball Jersey?! Bert says “GO DAWGS”!

Bert Adopted 42

Bert Adopted 43

** Updates 10/13/13 **
Bert say "Happy Halloween!"
Can anyone guess what Bert is for Halloween this year????
A COWBOY... get it a cowboy... he has a cow sweater on and his cowboy hat and bandana!!
Way too funny not to take a picture... I hope Bert makes you smile! :)

Bert Adopted 41

** Updates 02/14/14**

Mert Adopted 31

Mert Adopted 32

Mert Adopted 33

** Updates 04/16/14**
I go upstairs to check on the dogs, and this is what I find...
How cute is that!!! Happy Wednesday!

Bert Adopted 48

Bert Adopted 49

Bert Adopted 50

** Updates 06/30/14**
How sweet is this, brother and sister (Bert and Mert) snuggling together on a rainy day... I hope you Enjoy this Tuesday smile!

Mert Adopted 34

Mert Adopted 35

** Updates 9/5/14**
Happy 5th birthday to my babies... BERT, MERT & GERT - 2 of which live with me! Hard to believe it has been 5 years since they were born here at my house, in an inflatable kiddie pool!

Mert Adopted 16

The trio at 8 weeks old!

Mert Adopted 17

Bert and Mert on Valentine's Day, 2014

** Updates 10/26/14 **
Who’s the Biggest Baddest Biker in town? That would be BIG BAD BERT! Bert says "Happy Halloween!" Hope he makes you smile!

Bert Adopted 44

Bert Adopted 45

Bert Adopted 46

Bert Adopted 47

** Updates 02/18/15**

Mert Adopted 13

Here is a smile... Mert, Bert, and Toby all trying to stay snuggled and warm on this cold snowy day!

** Updates 09/05/17**
Happy 8th Birthday to the 1st set of puppies born into Puppy Pals Rescue 8 years ago... Bert, Mert, Gert and Lit' Squirt. Unfortunately Lit' Squirt did not make it past 10 days, but she was loved until the very end. I have included a picture of the puppies when they were first born with their momma Lexi and then a picture of Bert (the small one), Mert and Gert as they were growing up!
Bert and Mert live here with me and Gert lives with a wonderful family here in Springboro about 3 miles down the road.



MertandBert8birthday 1

MertandBert8birthday 2

MertandBert8birthday 3

MertandBert8birthday 4

MertandBert8birthday 5