Benny Adopted 1

I am happy to say that our sweet boy Benny has been happily adopted by Jami & Tom Rauhut of Xenia, Ohio. Benny has a nice big yard to run and play in and turkeys and roosters that live beside him. Benny has a new fur cat brother Chip to be his new best friend.

Benny Adopted 2

Jami & Tom are big animal lovers and plan to take Benny on many family trips in their boat where Benny has his own little life jacket.. I know that Benny will be one spoiled and very loved pup! Thank you to Jami and Tom for opening your hearts and home to one of our rescue dogs!!
Check back for updates!

** Update 07/03/10 **
He is doing just fine. Found out he is a digger. No big deal other than his dirty pawns on our new kit dinning room floor. We have not been out on the boat yet with him. He enjoys all the kids and four legged kids in the family. Quite the snuggle bug. He does not like the turkeys. He runs over to them anytime he sees them and chases them away from the fence. He loves running around the yard barking at the birds also. I think he is telling them my yard my yard...get out! The doggie door has been a big hit. He learned that fast. I worked the past two days, have tomorrow off and then on the next five. The tireds have hit. You take care! Jami and clan

** Update 04/28/11 **
Benny is wonderful! We just love him. I told Tom the other day I think this summer I want to get a little female yorkie. Benny is by my side 24/7. I quit working at Bethany and stayed home for four months. I just accepted a position with Heartland Hospice. I have orientation 5/12. So, in July or so if you find a match just contact me!

Benny Adopted 3

Reclining in Tom's chair! Benny thinks he is the big cheese!

** Update 04/30/11 **
Another great picture of Benny in his adoptive home!! Tami

Benny Adopted 8

Sleeping in our bed with oldest grandson.

** Update 05/30/11 **

Benny Adopted 4

Benny Boating!

** Update 04/20/12 **
I ran into Benny's adoptive parents at the dentist on Good Friday and they sent me over some updated pictures of Benny and their new little yorkie Lily. Tom, the dad, just loves Benny - he goes everywhere with him.

Benny Adopted 5

This second picture is of Ben and Preston(their grandson)feeding the birds.

Benny Adopted 6

** Update 07/31/13 **
Well, a long story yesterday, but after receiving a phone call from 24 hour pet watch and speaking to them and the gentleman who found Benny on Sunday, I made a run and to Kohl's on Austin Pk. to meet this man to get Benny and try and contact his adopted family so they could be reunited. Benny was one of my foster dogs that had been adopted to them back in 2010 and somehow found his way out of his yard and went exploring for several days. With a couple of phone calls and returning to my house with Benny I was able to get in contact with his dad and within the next couple of hours Benny was reunited with his forever family. Tom, the dad, was so happy to see Benny and Benny the same. Below is a picture of Benny now resting and relaxing back at his home. This little dog was very lucky to have had a Good Samaritan to find him and clean him up and take care of him for a couple of days until they figured out that maybe he had a microchip and took him to get scanned... and thank goodness he did because he did not have a collar on him (it slipped off his neck)! Long story short, he is now back at home with his FAMILY!!

Benny Adopted 7