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Benji in his new sweater!
Just want to let you know that Benji has been adopted. He's wagging his happy tail with his new momma, Taylor!

** Updates 01/19/13**
I just wanted to let you know that Benji is doing great! He seems to have made himself quite comfortable in the last 12 hours. He peed in the house, but that we expected to happen until he picks up on where the door is and where we put the puppy pads - but as soon as he knew where the pad was, he pooped on it so that's good!
Him and Bentley are doing well. Bentley's a little confused as to why he's still here, but he was still happy to see him even with being confused. Benji's little tail has not stopped wagging! He had some soft food and absolutely LOVED it. He also found Bentley's rawhides and was very happy to chew on one of those. Even though he had a rough life before coming to Puppy Pals, he is such a happy little guy who learns to trust very quickly. He's mainly attached to me, but he's still open to everyone in the house loving on him. He's like my sidekick - where I go he follows, lol.
I plan to call our vet, as I said they're just up the road, and get Benji in today or Monday so the vets can meet him and I also want to see what we can do to help get some more meat on him. He's so skinny - I just can't wait to help have him at a weight where we can only feel his ribs and not the rest of those bones so I will keep you posted on what she says!
Lastly I just want to thank you guys all for what you do for these dogs. It's great to find a group of people like yourselves who have such kind hearts! We're all so happy to have Benji and I personally can't wait to learn more about him and get through this adjustment period and have ourselves a little routine.
I will keep you posted on the little man!!

** Updates 01/20/13**
Benji's transition has really been quite good - actually, he's made himself at hom. He's still a little jumpy at noises and things, but as far as bringing him home. . . everything's been really smooth.
He's such a loving boy and deserves the best!

** Updates 01/24/13**

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Benji after surgery.

** Updates 01/25/13**
Surgery went well. They brought Benji home yesterday afternoon. Both legs were operated on. He can't walk at the moment and he's on some strong pain meds. Taylor says he's completely out of it. She has to ice down his legs 4 times a day, 20 min for each leg. She says he still manages to wag his tail a little. I attached a picture. I think he looks great for what he went thru.

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** Updates 01/29/13**
No pictures this time- but Taylor did text me to say that Benji used both his legs for the first time today. She says he is making amazing progress and is getting stronger every day.

** Updates 01/29/13**
Hi Linda! Hope all is well and Russ is feeling better. I just wanted to give you an update on Benji. He's doing great - starting to be up and moving more and more each day. He still primarily uses his right leg and holds his left up, partially because it's habit and partially because that leg still has far more healing to do. Today for the first time I saw him walk on both back legs which was so exciting! He's such a cutie and a very good boy. We've been having trouble with potty training, but we will worry about that when he can be outside to go potty and is feeling better. He's so gentle and well behaved and he's been taking an oral pain medication and I'm amazed at how easy he is to give it to! I've included a few pictures - some of him before his surgery, one of his leg, and one of him and his new brother Bentley! We're all adjusting quite well and Benji has made himself perfectly at home!
Thanks again for all of your support and help with this journey. We're so happy to have Benji here with us.

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** Updates 02/13/13**
The video below is from Taylor who adopted Benji from us. He needed a major surgery right after he was adopted to fix a genetic issue with his hips/legs. He had surgery on both legs. You can tell from the video that he's using both of his legs now and has made tremendous progress. He goes in for a check up on Monday 2/18.
Very proud to know that PPR had the financial means to help save this little guy from a lifetime of pain. This is why we do what we do. Enjoy!!

** Updates 02/14/13**
Russ and Linda,
This is Brad from Benji's new family. Benji is doing great. He has his check up at the surgeon on Monday, so after that I will send another update with photo and video. But for now I just wanted you to know he is progressing good. If he is walking slow he walks pretty normal, but when he speeds up he goes back to his "rabbit hop" It looks like he is thickening up a little on his backside so it will probably get even better.
We appreciate the way Puppy Pals has supported Benji through this. As I am a mason this is the time of year our budget is tighter, but we do like to donate money each year when we can - and Puppy Pals will be at the top of our charities to donate to.
I know we are not in your area, but if we can help Puppy Pals in other ways , please let us know.
We will email again next week. Thanks, Brad

** Updates 09/04/13**
Hello! It's been quite some time since we last talked and I just wanted to give a brief update on Benji. He is doing absolutely wonderful - his little legs have made an amazing recovery and he can run fast as lightening. Not only can he run, but he can jump up short heights as well as off of them, and that's not even the best of it... he can now finally after all this time scratch his ears with his back legs, something he could never do before!
He still walks with a little bit of a sway every now and again, but aside from that he's completely normal. He's put on weight and is no longer bony and now that his legs work properly, his back end has gotten some muscle on it and matches the rest of his size. Benji is hands down the happiest dog I've ever seen - even with his rough start to life and times of pain, he is excited about everything life has to offer. He loves to go on walks, as well as play with toys and chew on rawhides (Benji loves any kind of treat!) Benji and Bentley have been adjusted for a while now - they're not super snugly with each other like I had hoped, but they definitely like to play together and chase each other around the house.
Benji is also a little outdoors man - any chance he gets to be outside in the yard, he takes. He could stay out all day if we'd let him. I will attach some recent pictures of him so you guys can see how wonderful he's doing for yourselves. Hope all is well on your end of the line and hope to hear from you soon!

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