Hi Janice,
Well, we are in love with Baxter :-). He did great on the ride home. Laid in my lap the whole time. He was a little timid when we first brought him in the house, but he sniffed around and then he really warmed up to us. He gave us lots of kisses :-), he definitely loves to play with a ball and he rolled around and acted silly :-).
He did not hesitate to sleep in the bed with us last night. I can't really get him to drink any water? He ate some food this morning, but I had to feed it to him :-). He eats his treats after going potty, no problem. We love how he wiggles his whole bottom half, not just his tail!
Macy is still not sure about him. She kind of kept her distance last night. This morning I sat on the couch with both of them to try to get them a little closer.
All in all, things are great. He seems happy and we think he is adorable!!!!
More updates to come!

I can not tell you just how much we are enjoying Baxter. He is a wonderful boy. He is so well behaved, he never barks, he walks well on a leash... he is just amazing. We love him very much.
His stitches seem to be healing well too. He and Macy are starting to play, but we try to keep him calm.
Were you giving him any special type of chew bones? His teeth are so nice and clean. We want to keep them that way.
So again, thank you so much. We are so lucky to have this sweet sweet doggy.

Hi Janice!
He is still doing just great! It seems like he has been in our family forever. He is just the most laid back little guy. Everyone who meet shim loves him. Still very few barks, mostly when he and Macy are playing. Which the playing happens all the time. We love to watch them play. They chase each other around biting, barking and having so much fun. I am very happy to say Macy has had no anxiety accidents in the house since we have had Baxter. So, the companionship is wonderful for her.
I check the puppy pals site daily! I love to see all the new doggies, especially when they get homes. I wish someone would adopt sweet Brody...he has been with them for so long.

I am attaching a few pictures of sweet Baxter boy, I hope you can see how adored he is!
Thanks for checking in! Talk to you soon!!!

A cute little picture to show you Baxter :-). My parents kept he and Macy over the weekend for us... needless to say, they love him too!!!