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Pictured here is Bandit (left), Joey (middle), and furbrother Buckeye (right) with their parents, Joe & Robin Balmer from Kettering, Ohio.
We wish the family much happiness and love with their two new boys!

** Updates 05/03/11 **
Dear Puppy Pals:
I want to thank you and your staff for the bringing two rescue dogs into our lives. Joey and Bandit.
After the sudden death of our 3 year old dog, Ace, our hearts were broken. We knew we wanted to get another dog, but we also knew we no longer wanted to just go purchase a dog. We wanted to “save” one instead. We searched the internet and made contact with three different rescue facilities. It just so happened that you are local and it was easier for us to “visit” your dogs.
I particularly wanted a dog that would get along well with our remaining dog, Buck. Since Ace had died, we felt Buck was lonely and needed another playmate. We originally went to visit with “Joey.” Joey was cute as a button….but pretty much wanted to make sure I liked him rather than Buck! The foster father, Russ, told us he had another dog he felt would be a good match. He brought “Bandit” out to join our visit. Bandit immediately started playing with Buck! He was on Buck, underneath Buck, in Buck’s face, etc.! It was fun to watch.
We left Russ’s home and told him we would call within 24 hours to let him know our decision. On the way home, my husband said, “honey, we only live once. We have no children. They both need a loving home where they can start over. I say we take them both.” I thought to myself, “that will be THREE dogs!!!” From the moment they were delivered to us, it was as though they were meant to be with us. They came in and simply made themselves at home. Yes, it’s crazy! We have three dogs running around playing together. We have three dogs I need to get outside at appropriate times! But hey, they’re happy and isn’t that what it’s all about?!?
For anyone looking to become a first time rescue animal parent like us, I recommend you take the plunge. Our Joey and Bandit were given up by their original family. How sad that must have been for each of them! We brought them in to our home and they have given us all their love and appreciation. They might have taken the long route to get here………but I think in the end, they found the home they were supposed to be in.
Thank you Puppy Pals for your dedication to these animals and your efforts in finding them new homes. You ARE making a difference!
Joe, Robin, Buckeye, Joey, and Bandit Balmer