Baby Ruth - now Molly!

BabyRuth1221 Adopted 1

Our sweet Baby Ruth went to her new furever home on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

BabyRuth1221 Adopted 2

Baby Ruth (now Molly) was adopted by the Galloway's from Delaware, Ohio. Emily is so happy and gave me a very big hug a couple of times for allowing Baby to become a part of their family.
Emily is 54 years old and has never had a pet, other then goldfish, and couldn't hardly wait to show off her new baby girl - met two neighbors before I left. Baby was very busy checking out her new home, but was really checking out the good spots on the couch and chair. She also was making sure that they knew that she was very fond of a good belly rub.
I guess she kept looking, off and on, out the front glass door for about an hour after I left and then decided it was time to get down to some serious snuggling. I'm going to miss this funny little girl.