Baby Girl - now Gracie!

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Baby Girl, now named Gracie has been adopted today by Michelle and Scott Gilbey. Gracie will now reside in Washington Township where she will have a big fenced backyard and a nice pool to hang out in.

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The Gilbey's are originally from Canada and they and Gracie will visit there frequently to visit their 2 kids. Gracie will also have a condo in Florida that she will visit as well and Michelle has already purchased Gracie an new traveling crate so she can be right beside her and Scott to and from Florida. I have no doubt that Gracie will be one spoiled little girl.

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Thanks to Michelle and Scott for opening their heart and home to a rescue dog! I will certainly miss little Baby Girl she was a joy to foster!
More updates will come... Tami

** Updates 6/12/12**
Gracie is WONDERFUL. I can't stop hugging and kissing her - she is just so adorable. We are realizing that she is VERY smart and doesn't miss a trick!! She follows me around from room to room like a shadow - which is fine by me. We continue to keep a close eye on her on the carpet - and currently no more accidents.
So thanks again! Michelle

** Updates 8/23/12**

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It's a tough life!!!

Hi Tami.. I just wanted to give you an update on Baby Girl / Gracie!
She is doing sooooo well and we just LOVE her soooo much. She really is SUCH a good dog and an overall delight. We were very lucky to find her. All the love and affection she gets is encouraging her to be one spoiled girl (she is developing a little attitude!!) She sleeps on the bed now......on the pillow beside my face!!! and gets 1 or 2 daily treats that she probably shouldn't!! My daughter in Canada threatens to steal her - as she loves her too! When she was here visiting in July she took her for a swim in the pool!!!! She loved it! She loves her walks - but her little legs don't let us go too far! She has had 1 grooming - which was very traumatic for her! Her teeth will be cleaned in November. She's made 3 trips to Canada in the car. We have learned not to feed her before as she gets car sick and throws up!! She is definitely my constant shadow and never stays more than a few feet from my side. She brings us joy......
Thanks again, Michelle