Baby Adopted 1

Pictured here is our Baby with her new Momma, Mary Heffner. They both reside in Carlisle, KY. Mary met Russ half way to meet and take home her new little Baby girl. They will be very happy together. Mary is a true dog lover!
** Update 07/11/10 **
Thought you would be interested to know that Baby (now named Bandi) is working out very well in my home. She has settled in with my other dogs and is doing very well with the cats (one she actually plays with). She loves her four acre yard, and when I walk the other dogs out over the back forty, she goes along but on leash. Don't totally trust her yet to return to me when I call. She could easily get lost in the weeds and woods.
She is my little constant companion, curls up with me on the couch and sleeps with me every night. She is a treasure. Thank you for her and thank you for the wonderful work you do in getting people and dogs together with a forever home.
Mary Heffner