Austin Adopted 1

Hey Linda,
I just wanted to let you know Austin has adjusted very well in our home. He says Hi.
He knows where our back door is so he can go potty :) He loves going to the park to walk through the trails.

Austin Adopted 2

He is just a bundle of joy. Thank you for everything and I would still love to help you guys out at the spring fling!

Austin Adopted 3

** Update 06/11/09 **

Austin Adopted 4

Austin is such a blessing in our home; we love him to death especially me :) He makes the cutest facial expressions when anyone talks to him. He loves attention and whines if you stop rubbing his tummy. He and our other dog charlie are best friends now.
This past Saturday I had my graduation party, and he just loved on everyone coming in our door. He was hoping someone would sneak him some turkey I think :) But he so well behaved and loyal, he is my little angel. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity :)

Austin Adopted 5

** Update 08/05/09 **

Austin Adopted 6

Hey :)

Austin Adopted 7

I thought you would like some more pics of Austin. He is growing every day. I love him to death.

Austin Adopted 8

He loves his toy unicorn and nylon bone :)

Austin Adopted 9


Austin Adopted 10