Aria1261 Adopted 1

Here is Momma Alicia and her Aria.    Alicia traveled all the way from Milwaukee with her sister and sister's boyfriend to Beavercreek to meet and adopt her sweet girl.  It was love at first sight! They are going to take turns driving back to Wisconsin and we wish them all a safe trip back home.    She will be emailing tomorrow with an update on their travel experience.

Aria1261 Adopted 2

** Updates 02/09/13**
Good evening to the both of you!
We made it home about 2am and she was a wonderful little traveler! She has been nibbling on Cheerios and some treats and a little bit of dog food, but isn't really interested in eating a "meal" yet. Aria found her spot already, right up on the couch and has been snoozing comfortably. She even offered me her belly a couple of times!
She's gone through a bowl and a half of water, and I found some poo on the pee pad when I left her to explore on her own this morning.
My only concern at this point is I have not seen her pee yet, nor have I come across any puddles. We've gone out a few times and she nosed around a bit but hasn't gone potty out there either. I'm not worried yet, but almost... that's a long time to not pee. Any suggestions?
Other than this, we are off to a wonderful start! Thank you again, she is just perfect!!!
Hope you both are well,
Alicia & Aria

** Updates 02/09/13 - later!**
Success!! We finally had a good pee, and right on the same pee pad she used before! She has already learned where out doorway is too. What a smart girl!!!
I feel much better now!! I didn't want you to worry so I thought i'd just send this quick message to keep you up to date.
Aria send hugs to her Ohio mom & dad! :)

** Updates 02/11/13 **
Hi Linda,
Yesterday was a good day for us - my parents came to meet her, but only stayed for a short time. She really took an interest in my dad :)
She has eaten regularly from her bowl at our scheduled time, both yesterday and today. She is also nibbling throughout the day. Her potty habits are pretty normal now and she is very, very good about using her pee pads. It's so cold and windy here we haven't been going out much, but we've been exercising in the hallways!! She just loves sniffing out the doorways where other dogs live!
I have her kennel set up and she goes in there on her own, I haven't the heart to lock her in yet though. She is just so scared of everything, I want to give her her freedom and let her build her confidence. There really isn't anything she can get into so I feel she'll still be safe. Today, I left a treat and a few Cheerios on the couch and when my friend came to check on her during the day she had already explored and found them!
One of the highlights so far: when I'm I'm the kitchen doing dishes or preparing food, she will come up to my ankles and start sniffing me and kinda nudging me... She is just theeeee sweetest little girl I've ever met!!! I am absolutely in love and am so excited to watch her blossom! :) thank you again!!!
Hugs and kisses from Aria to her Ohio Mom & Dad.
Alicia & Aria