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She ain't going nowhere - all mine!

Aley has a new forever home!
My friend Cathy is in love with Aley! YIPEE! Cathy spent 18 years loving and caring for her Mitzi who sadly passed a few months ago. We all know how hard it is to lose a furkid, but Cathy has opened her heart and home to our super sweet, special little lady Aley! Congrats to Cathy and Aley! I'm sure Aley will be smothered with love (and Cathy too) and they will bring each other much joy for many years to come!

** Updates 08/29/13**

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According to Aley's new momma Cathy, this is her favorite thing to do. She wakes up in the morning and Aley is ready to play ball! Good thing Cathy is an early riser and very active :-)

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Aley loves playing ball! This is what Cathy wakes to everyday...kisses first and then ball in face ready to play!

** Updates 10/21/13**
Aley and I are well. All moved in. Still no accidents...not one! She met my next door neighbor, Wanda who is 83 yrs old, and she is in love with Aley. She is a sweet lady. I think she lives alone so we'll be visiting lots. I'm very happy that Aley is mine! Cutest, sweetest dog in the world and great company for me! Love her!

** Updates 02/07/14**

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Hi, Mary! Just wanted to say hi and let you know Aley and I are doing great. Aley is the best little dog in the world. I've had no problems with her whatsoever. I'm so happy she is mine! Hope you and John are well.
Take care, Cathy

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** Updates 02/08/14**
Cathy, Aley and Cathy's 84 year old neighbor Wanda came to visit at Petco today. So great to see how well Aley is doing! Don't know who loves who more, Aley loving Cathy, Cathy loving Aley or Wanda loving Aley? Guess it doesn't really matter...three very happy people! :-)
Thanks Mary and John for fostering and nuturing Aley! You ROCK! Becky