Tomas 1

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let all of you know that our beloved "Tomas" (sometime called TJ, Tommy Boy or the Grumpy Old Man) passed last night. Russ and I miss him deeply.
Tomas was quite a funny creature and those that met him thought he was a hoot or a little unstable mentally. LOL We would just trot around the house going from one doggie bed to another just growling to himself as to always be giving us his opinion or giving us heck for some reason. Although he was always somewhat hard of hearing - he could always hear the treat bag being opened no matter where he was in the house.

Tomas 2

He was a 15 yr. old Missouri Puppy Mill Breeder dog who had a hard life until almost 3 yrs. ago when he was rescued and he was given to us later by his adoptive family due to marital/family situation. They knew we would love him. Normally, right now, he would be laying on his red motorcycle dog bed next to desk, but he's not here tonight... It makes me sad.
I find comfort in knowing that he is with two of my other yorkies (Gracie and Trampy) who also were senior foster dogs that no one wanted so we adopted. I'm sure they are all running in the green meadows and he's giving them heck about something. He no longer has bent legs, can hear perfectly, and can see once again. I look at the handicap ramp that Russ built for him (the step down from kitchen-family room) and wonder if I should leave it there or not?

Tomas 3

He has left a big hole in our hearts. I'm so very thankful that Tomas came into our lives even for a short-time.
Tomas knew all to well... that any senior unwanted dog would always have a warm bed and lots to eat at the Beavercreek Yorkies Bed & Breakfast (as what we refer our house as or the Zoo) and I promise him that things won't change either and that many more will be joining him from his old red motorcycle bed. All the dogs will know him as he'll be the one wearing his green camo t-shirt being grumpy!
Tomas, we miss you.
The Klopfensteins and the Doggie Gang

Tomas 4