Savannah 1

There are times in Rescue when all you try to do comes too late. This is one of those times...
In late April, Linda & Mary Lou drove to Washington Court House to pick up several pups after Janice (our foster coordinator) was notified that some pups needed PPR's help. We picked up the cutest little female Pekie who Linda named Savannah. We assume they were from a breeder as they were dumped in a drop box at the shelter.
We took Savannah and her mate - Winston to be groomed. Linda picked her up and she was a bright diamond under all the hair and matting. She had two little yellow bows in her hair, she had the biggest eyes & smile, and her tail never stopped waggling.
The dogs were then taken to the vet for their exams and shots, etc. It was determined that Savannah had several major issues - the first, she was heart-worm positive and in the advanced stages. We also found out that she had an enlarged heart, lung problems, as well as being almost blind. The vet told us that she was not strong enough and would never stand the needed shots to overcome her heart-worm and that there was no guarantee. It can cause heart failure or many of her major organs to stop functioning.
The decision that had to be made was completely unnecessary... if the prior owner would have provided a simple (and not really expensive) heart-worm pill once a month.
Savannah will always have a special place in Linda's heart, even though she only spent a day with her.

Savannah 2

This is a message from the Vet who also sent Savannah's pictures:
Here are the pictures I took of poor Savannah. Nothing is sadder than a second chance at life taken away so quickly. I want to reemphasize, however, that I completely support your decision.
Assuming she had made it through the treatment for heartworm and the 3 months of cage rest, I think even with the twice daily eye medications she would have eventually needed to have both of her eyes removed to alleviate the constant discomfort. Savannah went very peacefully, and her tail kept wagging to the very last breath.
You guys are doing a wonderful job, and saving so many lives, giving so many second chances, and I'm sure plenty of third and fourth chances. Keep up the good work!

Savannah 3