Our little Pippy passed away. It's actually been several weeks ago, but I haven't been able to talk or write about it without being overcome with sadness. In addition to his regular medicine, we were using an inhaled steriod (with a spacer mask) twice a day, and I was hopeful this would really help.
He started struggling to breath one afternoon, and his breathing was getting more shallow rather than raspy or with a cough. We took him immediately to the Vet Hospital in McMurray, PA. They are a new state-of-art facility with 24-hour emergency care, and they were able to stabilize him after keeping him in an oxygenated chamber and giving high doses of the medicine for congestive heart failure. They wanted to keep him overnight to monitor his progress, so we went home with a promise from the vet she would call us first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, the call came in the middle of the night telling us his heart had stopped, and their efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.
I miss him everyday, and things aren't the same without him. He brought great love into our lives, and we loved him equally in return. Thank you for letting me be Pippy's mom. I keep his ashes in a beautiful tin in our kitchen on the windowsill. He always curled-up in his doggie-bed with me while I cooked, so it's nice to have him close now.
I hope things are going well for you and the rescue. We would love to adopt from you again someday.