Nicki at the Bridge 1

Most of you know my little Nicki and have kept up with her progress since I rescued her 19 months ago from a very neglectful situation. My little sweet baby passed away Sunday at 7:00 PM. As you know she not only had heart disease but a brain tumor which caused seizures. Sunday, she had 3 seizures back to back. I took her to the hospital and they evaluated her condition. She was given a dose of valium and said I could take her home or leave her over night.
I decided to take her home but if she continued to have siezures I was to take her back immediately. When I got her home, she stared having seizures every 20 minutes. She started spinning so fast and running into the walls. I knew then that she was completely blind and disoriented. When I got her back to the hospital she was still seizing. The vet told me then that her brain was gone, that the tumor had most likely started to rupture.
I was devastated and could not believe what I was hearing. Surely there had to be another option other than what the vet was suggesting to me. But there wasn't. It was absolutley the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I just kept saying no no no....that she would come out of it. But when they brought her back into me, I knew. I craddled her and kissed her as she took her last breath. She will be creamated and I will bring her home next week.

Nicki at the Bridge 2

I am just beside myself with grief and have not stopped crying. I can't tell you how much I miss her and the love I have for her is so deep that it just makes the pain even worse. The thought of her not coming home with me just had not even entered my mind. I was not expecting it and am just lost.
I want to thank everyone that not only helped Nicki by donating money towards her surgeries early on but your continued support and prayers. And I want to thank God for bringing Nicki into my life.
There are no words to describe the joy she brought to me. She gave me so much love and my life will forever be changed by her strength and her fight for life.
Thank you all,

Nicki at the Bridge 3