LulaBelle 1

Linda & Russ - I wanted to let you know that at 2:00 pm this afternoon I had an appointment with Dr. Burke for a Quality of Life appointment. When Dr. Burke saw the size of Belle's breast tumors and how badly she was chewing on them - she almost cried. I told her not to say it and I said I knew that what we see on the outside is nothing compared to what has grown and spread on the inside. Her guess was that Belle had cancer even as high as her lungs. I laid her to rest and relieved her of the pain that she only suffered for about two weeks. Dr. Burke told me 6 months ago, that when LulaBelle's cancer started to grow - that it would take her life within 3 months. Two months ago, she started all of the symptons of failing health. She would not let me touch her belly, would bite me if I tried to bathe her, would bite me if I tried to brush her and she left my world with the longest toenails I have ever let her have.
I have attached two photos. The one where she is sleeping was taken back in August and the other one was taken in April and I just thought she looked pretty.

LulaBelle 2

I am as sad as I can be today - I have set up a shrine under the table where she always slept. I put Savannah Smile, CeCe and Sweetie Pie's photos under the table along with their cremation boxes. I put LulaBelle's collar around a flameless candle and it now shines! Her sisters are waiting for her and I know LulaBelle will wait for me! I will burn that candle and probably 24 batteries for the next 10 days until Belle comes home to me and her sisters.
God Love Her - I sure did !!!!! Fondly - Lue