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Jigs came to PPR in October of 2015. He became extremely ill after 7-10 days and he spent 3 days at the Care Center fighting for his life. He passed away on Tuesday, Nov 3.  PPR did everything we could for him as for medical care.  Below are his foster momma's words:
Jigs was my foster and though I only had him for a little over a week, he really captured my heart. Poor little guy really only had a couple of days in my home where he felt pretty good, but through the whole time he was a very sweet and loving little guy. He went downhill very quickly, yet always tried to lift his head and wag his tail whenever I approached him. At the clinic the evening before he died, he used what little strength and energy he had to stand up to greet me and smash his sweet face into mine to get as close as possible. I was with him when he passed so the last sound he heard was my voice, the last touch he felt was mine. It was a privilege to be there at that moment so the sweet little guy who was abandoned by his original owners knew that he was not abandoned by PPR or me. Marty

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