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Felix means "lucky" - and so we thought he was. On July 9, 2016 Linda and Russ received a call from a local shelter concerning a 3-4 week, 1-2 lb. puppy that was not eating and unlikely to make it through the weekend if left there. They rushed to rescue the pup.

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They brought the little male Boston/Chihuahua Mix home. He was cutting teeth and being bottle fed a milk supplement. He seemed fragile, but PPR thought that at least now he had a chance. Linda and Russ made plans to take him to the vet for a thorough examination.

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Once home, Linda reported that she was quite sure he had a few issues.... he might be blind, was not steady on his legs, walked around in circles. The hope was that it was simply his size - so tiny at 1.4 lbs. She attempted to give him doggie formula in a bottle, but he had no desire to suck. He loved to be held and he fell asleep quickly. Once awake he would start crying.

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Upon a visit to the vet, a diagnosis was made by two vets through examination and ultrasounds that Felix had Hydrocephalus or "water on the brain". His prognosis was not good. His constant crying was due to constant pressure on the brain which would likely worsen with time. The PPR Board of Directors had to make the decision to "rescue" him from his pain - a situation nobody wants to face.

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With deep sorrow, and many kisses, tiny Felix was helped to cross over the bridge on July 11.

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The two vets reminded Linda in her sadness that PPR was wonderful to little Felix. We took him in and provided him 24/7 loving care. We gave him a name (Felix) - he had no identity before. We cared and loved him for a short time. He crossed the bridge with someone crying for him - instead of being alone at the shelter.
Little Felix may not have had a lot of luck, but he had a lot of love.

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