I am sad to advise that today, Dec. 10th, 2012, we had to send PPR's Forever Ours Charlie across the bridge.
Charlie, for quite awhile, has been having various health problems. He lost any ability to walk in a straight forward direction, circled like a puppy mill pup and was completely disoriented. He was gasping for air, had some blood in his poop, was blind and laid in his pee. He also had problems with his digestive system - he'd eat more food then most of the other pups, but was very skinny around the waist. Vet Anna says it could be that his system was not processing his food in a manner that was taking the nutrition out of what he ate. He was having problems standing at his food bowl and eating - he lacked the coordination.
Charlie was also having problems breathing the last couple days - a lot of wheezing. Possibly congestive heart failure was setting in - he has been on heart meds for a year now.
I'll miss this grumpy old guy who was quick to let the other pups know not to mess with him.
At this time, I sincerely feel it was the right thing to do for him - it was extremely sad watching him the last couple days, just being so lost while trying to get around.

Charlie was one of PPR's forever ours dogs due to his age, back and leg nerve issues which caused him to be very unstable on his legs, and a heart problem needing medication. He had a very unique bark which sounded like a Goose honking - nothing like a normal dog sounding bark. Charlie was just content to hang out all day, take a few naps, and be first in line for treats. Sometimes he got annoyed if some of the pups were playing too hard and bumped into him. Although he had leg issues, he could move out if a treat was dropped and he wanted it. He had been estimated by several vets to be 11-15 years old when he came to PPR. He recently had most of his teeth removed during a dental procedure. Because of his looks and wild furry hair, vets and others hadn't been able to identify exactly what breed mix he was - he was just ole Charlie!
Some earlier pictures of our Charlie:

Charlie 1

Charlie 2

Charlie 3

Charlie 4