Cupcake 1

With a deep, deep sadness in my heart we had to let go and say goodbye to our beloved cat Cupcake this afternoon. He had been fighting UT Infections and UT issues for the last 3 years, but in the last couple of days, he went down hill so fast and into the end stages of Kidney Failure (CRF- Chronic Renal Failure) that he was too far gone to save him. I could no longer let him suffer, and helped him make his journey over the bridge. He came in to our family almost 9 years ago as a stray when he popped out of a box in our garage one cold November night. Never having a cat before, we were not sure about how he would do in our family... but I have to say he was the best cat ever. Cupcake was so loving and so kind and gentle to everyone and every animal that came into our house..(especially to all the foster dogs). I can not thank him enough for touching our hearts the way he did. Cupcake will forever hold a place in our hearts and in our family and will be deeply missed, but he will never be forgotten.