Courtney 1

Courtney was our 1st yorkie who came into our lives about 14 years ago. She suffered most of her life with severe allergies and had many health problems. She was on a special diet and medication most of her life to control her problems. She was a special little girl who seemed to take the mom role whenever a new dog would come into the home as a foster. If any disagreements would breakout - she was always there to come between and calm everyone down.
She became blind and deaf approximately when she turned 13 years old and seemed to go downhill. She passed away of kidney failure and cancer. We are very sad that she's gone - but never forgotten. Courtney has crossed the bridge - and is with our 3 other fosters that passed before her (all which were senior foster rescues which we adopted - Gracie, Trampy, and Tomas). They are all playing with her tennis balls in the green pasture fields at the Bridge.
Linda Klopfenstein

Courtney 2