CJ       1

CJ was adopted from PPR  Nov 2009. 
Tuesday, March 22, 2011... CJ went to Doggie Heaven - he was almost unable to breathe from an enlarged heart and a larynx condition causing nerve failure (in other words his windpipe was being closed off at the voice box) and he could barely breathe - he could not pant at all or bark.  With the Vet in full agreement he was given a shot to stop the brain.  He is at Peace now and I wanted to pass it on.
In the meantime, we have Scout, a Beagle - possible coon dog, that my younger sister gave to Pearce for Christmas.  See picture below - The dog was found tied to a mail box with nothing to sustain him, and the family that rescued him lost their home courtesy of the economy and had to go to an apartment.  That was when my sister got him, to keep him from being homeless in 2010.  He needed a fenced yard to run in and does not do well when left alone all day.  Our house has been a perfect solution since my folks are retired, and he is helping to teach Pearce responsibility.