Toby 1

Hello All it's your sweet boy Toby! And that is exactly what my foster mom thinks... that I am just the sweetest boy ever... even with my recent ouchie!!
On Labor Day Weekend I was minding my own business... doing my business outside, when all of a sudden I could not move. My Foster mom came out to get me and I just froze and started to whimper. She carried me inside and got me all calm and comfortable and slept by my side all night on the floor until we could get into the vet the next day. Come to find out I had ruptured some discs in my back and I could no longer walk. We saw several different vets and found out that surgery was not an option, now PPR was faced with what would be the next step for me... my life was in their hands and oh what good hands to be in.

Toby 2

PPR decided that as long as I was not in any pain that they would try to care for me in the best way that they could. With this kind of love and determination, who knows I just might walk again. I have mastered the scooting process all around the house, with the exception of the stairs. With every day I seem to get stronger and stronger and now I am even getting up on all 4 legs. I'm doing real well with potting outside and have had no accidents in the house, however my foster mom has to carry me up and down the steps, which I don't mind... hey it's a free ride for me!

Toby 3

I know that this is a BIG Responsibility taking care of a handicap dog, but if anyone can or could find it in their heart to adopt such a sweet boy as myself, or even donate to help cover some of my medical expenses,(I am hoping to be off all of my pills by then end of this week, so lets keep our fingers crossed and say a prayer, that I am on my way to recovery) please use the Pay Pal donation button on the Forever Ours page.

Toby 4

My foster mom says she will look after me for as long as I need her to and continue to work with me and give me all the love and kisses I need... and I'm a big boy so I need a lot of loving... plus I think that is the best kind of medicine there is. Please check back for updates on my condition, if love could make me better I could walk a marathon.
Until next time... Your sweet boy,
Toby Doe!!
(that what my foster mom calls me)

Toby 5

*** Update - 12/01/08 ***

Toby 7

We have some wonderful news, Toby is walking again, not perfectly as yet, but this sweet guy is mobile once more. Here are some pictures of Toby hanging out on the couch.

Toby 8

Toby 9

** Updates 02/22/13 **
Here is your Friday smile for the day!
It's been a "RUFF" Friday for the gang (Bert, Toby and foster pup Taz)... lol!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 12

Bert Adopted 14

** Updates 05/21/13 **
I went upstairs and this is what I saw:)! WAY Too sweet... it is a RUFF life here at the Barlow's... it is morning nap time!
Toby, Bert, and Fluffy!
Enjoy! Tami

Bert Adopted 15

** Updates 04/16/14**
I go upstairs to check on the dogs, and this is what I find...
How cute is that!!! Happy Wednesday!

Bert Adopted 48

Bert Adopted 49

Bert Adopted 50

** Updates 06/30/14**
Here is your Monday smile for the day... Do you think that Big Papa (AKA Toby) is enjoying his afternoon nap??? I think so!!

Toby 11

Toby 12

** Updates 02/18/15**

Mert Adopted 13

Here is a smile... Mert, Bert, and Toby all trying to stay snuggled and warm on this cold snowy day!

** Updates 06/22/15**
Look at my handsome boy, Toby... got himself a haircut!
Hope he makes you smile today!

Toby 10

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