Troy Strawberry Festival

Thanks to all our volunteers: MaryLou & Fred, Tami, Laura & Kit, Jen & Alysa, Linda Paxton & daughter Tracy, Dianna and Linda & Russ, for helping make our first appearance at the Strawberry Festival a success.

We did wonderfully despite having so many factors against us this weekend; we were actually closed for a few hours on Saturday and the heat on Sunday was just awful. MaryLou put it right... We're dead assed tired... The heat takes it out of you!

Those of us that experienced their first outside festival found out they're a lot of manual work setting up and taking down, thanks again for all your hard work.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

2008 Spring Fling 1
MaryLou looks over our stall

2008 Spring Fling 2
A visitor with one of our food stations

2008 Spring Fling 3
Sports theme bandanas interest the guys

2008 Spring Fling 4
Two more cuddle tugs sold

2008 Spring Fling 5
More interest in our ever popular bandanas

2008 Spring Fling 6
There's that heap of cuddle beds

2008 Spring Fling 7
Cuddle tugs on the visitors right

2008 Spring Fling 8
Dog Feeders to their left