Miamisburg 28th Annual Spring Fling

Thanks to MaryLou & Fred, Laura & Kit, Tami, Linda & Russ for devoting their time this weekend to help with the Spring Fling. It was a long weekend!

Thanks for putting those Blessed Statues and Holy T-Shirts in the windows... the forecast was rain for the entire weekend and we never got a drop!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

2008 Spring Fling 1
MaryLou & customer

2008 Spring Fling 2
Another interested visitor

2008 Spring Fling 3
MaryLou talks bandanas

2008 Spring Fling 4
Tami & Laura manning the stall

2008 Spring Fling 5
A happy customer with her new cuddle bed