2008 Beavercreek Popcorn Festival

Thanks to our volunteers who made our attendance at the Festival another PPR success.

We had several of the pups at our tent on Saturday... when you can have the pups present, people are drawn to the booth. They all received hugs and kisses from the public.

We were very very successful in getting the message out to the local public on PPR. Many didn't know who we are and what we did... and many asked where the shelter was... and of course this is always a joke -- it's at 4241 Country Glen Circle! but -- many people seemed interested in viewing our website and some came back on Sunday and told me that we have a wonderful website and wanted to thank us for saving all those dogs.

We also had a call from someone who saw Paco (several times) and intends to put in an application.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

Popcorn 2008 1
The PPR Stall

Popcorn 2008 2
Someone is a Bengals fan!!

Popcorn 2008 3
A wonderful crowd of visitors

Popcorn 2008 4
Our first special visitor... Fifel, who was adopted back in April, turned up with his Mom.

Popcorn 2008 5
Our second special visitor for PPR. This is Maxwell (formerly Dino) who was adopted back in May.
He turned up to say Hi and share a hug with his PPR Foster mom

Popcorn 2008 6
It's nice to have adoptive families come to our events and bring the furkids.