PPR Birthday Celebration 2008

Puppy Pals Rescue celebrated our first birthday on 05/10/08 with a gathering at Lofino's Park, Beavercreek. The sun shone and a great time was had, we had interested visitors and two families who finalized adoptions of two of our foster pups. Here are some photo's of the day, and first off, some words from one of our co-founders:

Hello, my name is Linda Klopfenstein and I'm one of the Co-Founders of Puppy Pals Rescue which began one year ago today. It started with just two crazy ladies and a table of dog bandanas with a 8-1/2" x 11" white sheet of paper with Puppy Pals Rescue written on it, scotchtaped to a table in a small church festival event in Beavercreek. MaryLou, my Partner in Crime (as we call each other), and I didn't have a clue what we were getting ourselves into or if we tried to pursue this venture - would we succeed?

We both pooled our talents together: MaryLou is an awesome sewer to sell items to give us our financial start and my years of rescue experience.

I've been in rescue for 7+ years and, along with my husband - Russ, have saved over 100 small breed dogs from being been euthanized and have helped find them forever homes. Actually, this is how I met MaryLou & Fred Spang. They adopted Ginger, one of my foster dogs, from me when I was with United Yorkie Rescue.

Rescue is in my blood and it's now a 24/7 job for Russ and I. We have made many personal and financial sacrifices for the "Love of Dogs". We have no regrets... we hope our rewards will come later.

As for me, it started back some 50 years ago, when my parents, Tom & Shirley Kerrigan, used to sing "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" to me. That was my favorite song when I was a small child. However, I didn't realize that 50 years later that song would have such a different meaning in my life. Instead of promoting the sale of puppies in the windows of pet stores .... I'm now trying to stop those same puppies from ever making it to those pet stores. I can't visit our local PetLand without getting into heated words or getting a salesperson upset at me. Right Marylou?

I'm a true believer in the stopping of Puppymills which supply dogs to pet stores... I've lived it through my fosters in the past and my experience every day with my own loved Lulu and Tomas who were once residents of Puppy Mills.

Well - I can go on about PuppyMills - but, that is for another day. Today, we are here to celebrate our accomplishments:

Back 1 year ago - MaryLou and I didn't know if we would have any more help than our faithful husbands, Russ and Fred, to help us move our shoppe items from festival to festival and help with that darn green tent of ours. Then Tami Barlow, MaryLou's daughter, started to foster and give us some relief and from there it seemed to take off in the last half of the year.

We have a professional website due to the help of Ian and Kelly Forrester. I met Kelly when she would purchase my doggie treats at National City Bank and she offered to help us get started. Our website has been receiving awesome feedback... even from Pefinders.com... Thanks to them, we have a communication tool to the millions of people looking for their next dog. It's working for us!

We became Incorporated back in December 2007. On Monday, we will be faxing our first 3 pages to our attorney to begin the 501c3 process. I want to thank Laura & Kit Kitchel, for finding this attorney who has offered to help us through the process, and for our beautiful new banner.

I want to thank all our foster homes; Tami, Pat. O, Janice, Dianna, Laura, Cate, Jen & Russ and we hope to find more next year - we couldn't do it without you guys!

We have adopted 35 dogs to date and with 1 Pending (Baxter) that makes 36, and this doesn't include our 4 Courtesy Listings.

We have adopted dogs to 9 states: Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Connecticut, New York and many in Ohio.

We currently have 19 members - many dedicated to the cause of rescue who give many hours volunteering. I would like to thank our youngest volunteer - Alysa. We just love her!

So with so much passion and Love for Dogs - I'm sure we'll be celebrating again next year.

Linda Klopfenstein

2008 Birthday 211
Vicki Gearhart (Adoptive Mom) checks out Dino (Foster pup) as
Larry Pfile holds his little Sasha and watches his foster dog - Baxter.

2008 Birthday 212
Laura Kitchel (PPR Foster Mom) attends to the needs of her sweet girls.

2008 Birthday 214
Diane Hesler (Adoptive Mom of our sweet Wally) takes a few pictures of some memorable moments as Wally sits watching. Linda Paxton (Adoptive Mom of Lilly) and Russ (PPR Member) watch a special moment.

2008 Birthday 218
Russ and MaryLou (Co-Founder) having a discussion.

2008 Birthday 219
Janice Pfile and husband, Larry (PPR Foster Parents) enjoying the day.
Janice is holding our sweet Miley (Foster).

2008 Birthday 220
A young man who seems to be listening to conversation about one of the foster dogs
and quite possibly a future adopter sometime down the road.

2008 Birthday 221
Linda Paxton (Adoptive Mom) shares a sweet embrace with adopted Lilly.
They are a very special pair to PPR.

2008 Birthday 222
Linda Paxton (& Lilly), Sandy Murphy (PPR Member), Russ, and Fred (MaryLou's husband)
get some expert advice from Sandy's granddaughter.

2008 Birthday 224
Beavercreek Park Visitors - found our shelter to be one of interest...
as everyone needed to check out the cute foster pups.

2008 Birthday 225
Janice & Lary Pfile answer a few questions from a couple interested in Dino's background and PPR.

2008 Birthday 227
Jennifer Evans (Board Secretary) talks to the Rosiers of Beavercreek,
who are in the process of adopting this sweet little fella named Rocky.

2008 Birthday 228
Janice talks to the Winger Family of Beavercreek who have been approved to adopt our yorkie named Baxter. Unfortunately, Baxter needs to be neutered before going to his new home.

2008 Birthday 229
Little Sophie's adoption was finalized today. Sophie met her new parents: Jessica Clark and Owen Bondurant who came from Chicago, IL on this special day to pick up their new little Princess.

2008 Birthday 231
Brody Joe wants to know when it's his turn for a new family. It will come!!

2008 Birthday 232
This was a real emotional moment for PPR.
Here is Joshua Winger handing an envelope to Russ as he wanted to donate this weekend's garage money earnings to help the rescue group who found his new dog Baxter...
to help other dogs find new homes.
Thank you - Joshua!

2008 Birthday 236
Taz (one of our newest fosters) was united with his new Mom - Barb Brodbeck of Cincinnati.
It was love at first sight for Barb and she wouldn't put Taz down for a second.
I wonder if he'll be spoiled???

2008 Birthday 239
Here is little Rocky (Foster pup) and Herbie (Evans) .... wanting to get a little attention.

2008 Birthday 242
Joshua's new companion - Baxter Winger!