Franklin County Mingle with the Mutts
April 2009

PPR had a great day at the Franklin County Mingle with the Mutts.

From this event we received applications for three of our dogs so it was very successful for showing off our beautiful rescue dogs.

Charley and Luke are in the process of being adopted and Bella met her new mom. We also had several people checking out Lucky and Tyson so it is possible we could get applications for them as well from this event.

We are hoping we can continue to participate every month.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 1
Linda shows off Luke

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 2
Another participant at the Mingle

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 3
Linda talks to two visitors while Luke takes a break on Mary Lou's lap

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 4
Linda with an armful of Charley

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 5
A steady stream of interested visitors

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 6
Petting Luke is a fun experience for someone, Tyson watches Linda

Mutt Mingle 04-2009 7
Tyson and Mary Lou swap a quiet word while Linda isn't looking