2008 Englewood Festival

Thanks to our volunteers who continued our attendance at this year's event in Englewood. It didn't take long to get very spoiled with our huge spot - 30' x 10. We have received a letter from the Englewood Chamber / Committee thanking us for participating and inviting us to come back next year.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

Englewood 2008 1
The PPR Stall

Englewood 2008 2
More interest in those Food Stations

Englewood 2008 3
A steady stream of visitors...

Englewood 2008 4
...throughout the day

Englewood 2008 5
Gracie the Maltese and friend. Gracie is wearing one of Nydra's dresses

Englewood 2008 6
A special visitor for PPR. This is Bailey (formerly Prince) who was adopted back in April.
He turned up with his big sister and is doing great with his new family.

Englewood 2008 7
Three visitors to our stall from the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association. These are simply beautiful dogs who do great work in the community.

Englewood 2008 8

Englewood 2008 9