2008 Lebanon Country Applefest

Well, the Applefest is over and I'd say it was well worth while.

Linda and I intended to just do it ourselves and give others a break. Thank goodness Tami and Laura K. showed up around noon, just to see the festival. They didn't get to see much because it was very busy and they just jumped right in to help man the tent.

A little later, Mary Lou came by to help out, bringing more bandanas, and she also jumped right in to help. We also had Mary Lou's grandaughter, Faith, become our cashier. All the newly recruited help stuck around till the end. Only in the last 30-40 minutes did things slow down at our tent.

Thanks to all for their support and help, and to everyone who came to visit us.

Here are a few photo's from the event.

Applefest 2008 1
Laura K manning the PPR Stall

Applefest 2008 2
A steady stream of visitors

Applefest 2008 3
Russ takes a rest 'n' refueling break

Applefest 2008 4
Two visitors to our stall, happy to take a moment to pose for a snapshot

Applefest 2008 5
Another visitor in a cute dress