(Dog Reference: PPR17-90)

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This is oh, so sweet Sara.  She is an estimated age of four years old and her weight  is nine pounds.  She is a Chihuahua mix and is a beautiful tan color with a thick, short coat.  Sara was found wandering the streets and was picked up by the shelter.  Puppy Pals Rescue heard about Sara and decided to get her out of the shelter and find her a forever home.

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Sara is just a special loving girl.  She loves to cuddle, lay next to you, and she just loves to have her belly rubbed .  She enjoys playing outside and gets along very well with other dogs.  She plays with toys at times (not that often), but what she likes best is running and playing outside .  She is fast and kind of jumps in the air when she is playing.  Sara just loves life.

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Sara had a few accidents when it came to potty training the first couple of days she was here in her foster home.  This is not unusual for a rescue dog being placed in new surroundings.  Since then, she has had no accidents and sits by the door now when she needs to do her business.  Sara did not like being placed in a crate to sleep the first couple of nights she was here - it was probably new to her.  After a couple of nights, she got used to it and now sleeps in the crate at night without barking - it is now part of her routine.  Sara does well with dogs and she just sniffs at the cat here and moves on.

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When Sara meets someone for the first time, she will kind of stand back and you can see she is trying to figure out if he or she is a friend.  After a couple of minutes she is on his or her lap for a belly rub.  She has done well with older kids, but I have not seen her with small children .  I have been working on the command "sit" with her.  When I try to get her to sit for a treat, she dances on her hind legs - it is kind of cute, but not a sit.  I will be working on this with her.  She will come when her name is called and she walks well on a leash.

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Sara has been examined by a vet,  spayed, micro chipped, had all her shots (will need a booster), been heart worm tested (results negative), and is up to date on her heart worm and flea prevention.  At the shelter, she fecal tested positive for worms and was given medication.  It is not unusual for dogs roaming the street to pick up worms. When Puppy Pals Rescue took her in, she was taken to the vet for her exam and she was then again treated for worms for five days. Her "follow up" exam on December 28th showed her stool specimen was negative for parasites and worms! Sara was deemed overweight by the vet and has been on a diet. She has lost one half pound - she is looking good. 

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Sara is just a loving girl looking for a loving forever home.  She just loves attention and enjoys being around people and other dogs.  She would do well with an active family or a retired person - sweet Sara has a lot of love to give.   Because of her wandering ways, a fenced yard will be a requirement to adopt her.

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Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about sweet Sara. Hope to hear from you!

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