(Dog Reference: PPR17-32)

The adoption donation fee for Sam is $250

What is Included in My Adoption Fee?

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Sam is 2-years-old and is still a very young pup who is lively, cheerful, and agile. He weighs almost 11 lbs. He enjoys a lot of affection, gives kisses, cuddles on your lap, is an excellent walker, runs like lightning in the yard, enjoys playing with toys, and sleeps under the covers spooning your belly.
Sam is a morning dog; early to bed, early to rise. He gets up at 5-5:30 am and is ready to start the day and is sleepy by 8:30 pm and ready to go to bed.
Sam would benefit from basic training to help with jumping and basic manners. He jumps high when you come home.
Sam is 80% potty trained and still needs reinforcement. He will “mark” for 1-2 days when going to a new place. If he goes to the store or the vet and then back home, home is a “new place” again. He doesn’t mark after returning from a walk. He will also pee if you go to pick him up and he needs to pee.

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Sam has a high energy level. He goes on two walks a day and still runs like lightning in the yard. A secure, fenced-in yard would be best. If there is any way to get out, he will quickly show you where it is.
Sam likes stuffed toys and nylabones. He scatters toys all over the house and is still learning to play with toys and people. He likes to play with toys inside and outside.
On car rides, he will just sit in the seat next to you (a seat belt is best for his safety if he is not in a cage). He does not get car sick. In the house, he doesn’t bother anything when having free roam of the house. He doesn’t do well with being in a crate for a long period of time. He will cry because he just longs to be with you.
He is ok with some other dogs... medium or large dogs would be better so he is not competing for lap dog attention. He didn’t care for the cat he stayed with. He seems interested in kids, but will jump on them, so it would be best for him to find a home that doesn't have small children.

If you have questions about this pup, please contact the foster home at the link below. If you think this is the pup for you, please go to PPR's Applications Page and apply! Please email the foster home at the link below to let them know you have applied, as sometimes forms seem to get lost in cyberspace.
PPR pups are featured at Petco in Centerville at the Cross Pointe Center one Saturday each month from Noon – 2:00. Check PPR's Events Page for dates and contact the foster home at the link below to see if this pup will be attending! (Please note that we do not do on-site adoptions. There is an application process which includes references and a home visit.)
Would you like to meet this pup? If an application is completed (no obligations) – we could arrange a meet and greet if you are local to this pup's foster home.

Sam is being fostered in Beavercreek by The Klopfensteins. Please use this link to email with any questions you may have.

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