(Dog Reference: PPR17-70)

The adoption donation fee for Petunia is $350

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UPDATE 10/5/17: Petunia is scheduled for spay on 10/9. Once that is completed, we will be doing reference checks, home visits, and will select her forever home. We are giving preference to apps with fenced-in yards and young families. Placement will most likely happen around 10/18.

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Meet one of our sweet puppies – Petunia. She is currently 11 weeks old (as of 9/22). She is primarily white with brown spots and dark brown ears. Petunia came in with 3 other puppies who were all siblings; however she came along too when surrendered by a breeder in Kentucky. We are not sure what breed Petunia is. We know she’s a terrier – possibly a Jack Russell mix with Chihuahua? Petunia is so cute. She loves to play.

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She is so sweet. A typical puppy – exploring and checking out everything. She truly enjoys collecting leaves and chewing on them. She loves to play tug of war with Ariel (another puppy looking for a home). Petunia can climb and go down steps. She will tell you when the water dish is low or when she’s hungry. She enjoys chewing on Milk Bones and chew toys.

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Petunia has gone on a few car rides and has done great. She loves to be held and carried around. She hasn’t started leash training and walking yet. That will come. Of course, she’s not house-trained as yet – we are working on it. She is still very young and changing every day.

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Please note: We get lots of inquiries and applications on our puppies. We do not go by first come – first adopted. The process can take a few days to several weeks depending on our volunteers' availability. We will do a home visit. Our goal is to find the home that is perfect for the needs of our dogs (puppies or adults). In looking for their forever home, we know that every dog has different needs and requirements to fit their personalities or temperaments. Our goal is to try our best to locate that perfect fit in a home.

Playing with my good friend, Ariel

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Napping with my good friend, Ariel.

If you have questions about this pup, please contact the foster home at the link below. If you think this is the pup for you, please go to PPR's Applications Page and apply! Please email the foster home at the link below to let them know you have applied, as sometimes forms seem to get lost in cyberspace.
PPR pups are featured at Petco in Centerville at the Cross Pointe Center one Saturday each month from Noon – 2:00. Check PPR's Events Page for dates and contact the foster home at the link below to see if this pup will be attending! (Please note that we do not do on-site adoptions. There is an application process which includes references and a home visit.)
Would you like to meet this pup? If an application is completed (no obligations) – we could arrange a meet and greet if you are local to this pup's foster home.

Petunia is being fostered in Beavercreek by The Klopfensteins. Please use this link to email with any questions you may have.

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