(Dog Reference: PPR17-76)

The adoption donation fee for Oscar is $250

What is Included in My Adoption Fee?

Meet our Oscar - the dachshund, who is 8-9 years young. He is a standard size at 21 lbs. He is primarily black in color with tan and grey. He is really a sweetheart.

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Outside with fellow foster, Beethoven

Oscar came into Puppy Pals Rescue when his previous owner stated that he wasn’t getting enough attention due to their work schedule. His owner brought him over for us to meet and it was love at first sight. He is a very well-mannered dog and listens great. He was just updated on all his shots and is neutered. He is house-broken. He gets along with other dogs, cats and children.
Oscar had a dental with quite a few extractions on Sept. 25th. After his surgery and a week of recovery time on soft foods… he’ll be ready for adoption.

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Oscar loves to go outside and walk the fence. You can probably tell from his pictures that he loves to eat! Due to his size, we would highly recommend him losing a little weight to keep in good physical health. He’s too large to jump up on the couch, but he wants to jump off. It is highly suggested that if you lift him up, you also lift him down off the furniture.

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Oscar is one of those dogs that just loves to be with you! He enjoys rolling over on his back and rubbing it against the floor or grass. His favorite word is “treat”. He gets excited! He is a very expressive dog – you can read his eyes or he’ll also talk to you as if you are to understand him. He’ll jump on your leg for attention.
He is great on the leash and loves to go on walks or to run out in the yard. We would prefer him to have a fenced yard; however, there might be exceptions with the right home.

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Due to his age, he’s not going to be one who would be a “playful” companion to young children. He never played with toys until recently ... now he has to collect them all and the other day it was "let's see how fast I can chew it up and pull the stuffing out". He would fit in well in most homes; however, he prefers to just throttle around after you most of the day and then catch a nap or two. He will go into a crate if the door is left open. If you are an older single person or a retired couple, Oscar would be a fantastic companion. We’d like for him to not have to be crated all day – and find himself in the same situation of being alone for 10-12 hours a day.
Oscar is a great dog who deserves full-time companion(s) who will love him and take care of him forever. Oscar is a fantastic fella who will surely make someone a wonderful friend and companion.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact his foster mom at the link below.

If you have questions about this pup, please contact the foster home at the link below. If you think this is the pup for you, please go to PPR's Applications Page and apply! Please email the foster home at the link below to let them know you have applied, as sometimes forms seem to get lost in cyberspace.
PPR pups are featured at Petco in Centerville at the Cross Pointe Center one Saturday each month from Noon – 2:00. Check PPR's Events Page for dates and contact the foster home at the link below to see if this pup will be attending! (Please note that we do not do on-site adoptions. There is an application process which includes references and a home visit.)
Would you like to meet this pup? If an application is completed (no obligations) – we could arrange a meet and greet if you are local to this pup's foster home.

Oscar is being fostered in Beavercreek by The Klopfensteins. Please use this link to email with any questions you may have.

If the link does not work, please copy and paste the following address: lklopfenstein@yahoo.com

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