(Dog Reference: PPR17-63)

The adoption donation fee for Nemo is $200

What is Included in My Adoption Fee?

Hello! My name is Nemo. I’m a 10 year old Chihuahua. My foster mom says that I will make a great companion dog for the right family! Even though I’m older, I still have plenty to offer! I was checked out at the vet and I am very healthy. I am a sweet, loving, extremely loyal little dog! I am also surprisingly quiet for a Chihuahua. I don’t bark at people or animals in my back yard.  

I am crate trained (but my foster mom says that I could be left alone in a contained area in your house when you are gone. I would also love to sleep with my new owner in their nice, warm bed.) I’m house trained. I’m very good at letting my foster family know when I need to go outside and I haven’t had any accidents in their house. I am also fully vetted and vaccinated and ready for my forever family.

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I am a great companion dog! I love to go in the car and I am very well behaved while travelling. I sit in my seat and fall asleep. I also love to go with you anywhere you can take me! I go with my foster family to Cross Country meets and I am always a hit. People love to pet me and tell me how cute I am! I am very friendly and love all the attention! I let everyone pet me, from little children to the kids on the Cross Country team!

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My foster mom says I look like an angry old man but looks can be deceiving. I am a very sweet little dog . I’m not very active and prefer sitting in your lap over chasing a ball.

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When I came to Puppy Pals, I had horrible breath so when I went to the vet most of my teeth had to be pulled. They left me with my two bottom teeth that you can see with my adorable under bite. I also have some of my back teeth. I eat regular small breed dog food with no problems. Milkbones need to be broken up, though… otherwise I can’t bite them . I didn’t let losing my teeth keep me from eating. Eating is one of my favorite things!  

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Like I said before, I’m very loyal to my foster family. I currently live with my foster mom and 3 older girls (age 10 and up) but I don’t need to be in a house with kids and I shouldn’t be in a house with children under 5 years old. I am good with other dogs as well, but I’d prefer to be the only fur-baby in your home. Other dogs annoy me sometimes.

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If you would like to add me to your family, fill out an application. I am a very, very sweet and adorable little dog. I will give you lots of love and companionship!

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If you have questions about this pup, please contact the foster home at the link below. If you think this is the pup for you, please go to PPR's Applications Page and apply! Please email the foster home at the link below to let them know you have applied, as sometimes forms seem to get lost in cyberspace.
PPR pups are featured at Petco in Centerville at the Cross Pointe Center one Saturday each month from Noon – 2:00. Check PPR's Events Page for dates and contact the foster home at the link below to see if this pup will be attending! (Please note that we do not do on-site adoptions. There is an application process which includes references and a home visit.)
Would you like to meet this pup? If an application is completed (no obligations) – we could arrange a meet and greet if you are local to this pup's foster home.

Nemo is being fostered in Beavercreek by Diane. Please use this link to email with any questions you may have.

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